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Medical Ganja:

The medical and recreational Cannabis space is going to be a thriving and in demand business in coming years as Ganja propagation takes root. Our philosophy at Ganjactivist.com is bout freedom and access. Freedom to consume as deems fit and access to the various marketspaces for our farmers’ product.

As such, those great locales that will become places of healing and refuge, need to be tended to and e are here for that purpose. If your in the dispensary space, or are just a keen consumer, we have sourced the best products for you and your customers. ~One Love #IamAGanajctivist

IN addition to our dispensary and herb-house products, we also offer custom services for the sector.

Sovereign Garden Dispensary Services:

Our Dispensary Services Department creates, produces, and distributes first-rate companion items that your customers will love. We will cater to your specific needs, while offering the newest, highest-quality products at competitive prices. Our catalog of over 500 products from the world’s leading brands will allow you to select the perfect merchandise to enhance your dispensary’s retail offerings. Custom vaporizers, grinders, storage containers, accessories and more can be designed and built to suit the individual needs of your dispensary.

Our five strategically located distribution centers in North America and Jamaica, provide optimal coverage of the United States, Canada and Jamaica, and ensure that most packages reach their destination within just one or two days via inexpensive ground shipping. Dispensary Services Department and international partners are staffed with a knowledgeable and helpful team of customer care agents that are at your disposal six days a week. The efficiency and accuracy of our operations and logistics will make your experience with us lightning fast and error-free.

Our international partners are the exclusive distributor of Pollen Gear, premium child-resistant storage solutions, who have been the leading distributor of premium brands in the head shop, smoke shop, and dispensary channels in North and South America and Europe since 2005.

Our consultative selling approach combined with our extraordinary commitment to excellence guarantees exceptional service while catering to your unique needs. We help you create brand loyalty through customization.

Dispensary Services offers added value to all wholesale customers:
• Custom Design & Printing
• Expert Solutions
• Customer Care Agents Available 6 Days A Week, through our partners.
• Speedy Shipping
• Competitive Pricing
• Exclusive Product Access
• Individual Attention & Care
• Tailored Product Recommendations

We also offer Jamaica specific branding and labelling.

Request a catalog @ ganjactivist1@ganjactivist.com

Child and odour proof packaging.

We provide packaging from the world’s best manufacturers. Protect your medicine from praying hands with the best in the business. 

We provide a variety of sizes for all your patients needs.

Coloured glass storage "stash" jars..

Through different providers, we can provide your operation with the classiest and very effective odour proof storage jars.

Customised vape pens and batteries

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LED lit stash jars.

We met the company at Canex Jamaica 2018 and fell in love with their products. We were compelled to forge an agreement with Smocus Focus to provide ourselves and Jamaica with some really cool storage gear..

Medicinal Vape Gear

The Volcano started the vaping revolution and is still the standard bearer for the medicinal marijuana market. We carry this and other devices to serve patiends needs and budget.

Decarboxylation Devices

We offer a range of devices that decarboxylate the marijuana leaf for maximum release of the beneficial THC and CBD elements. The Ardent Nova Lift, stands above the crowd, but do list products to suit your infusion needs.

Specialty Vape Gear

Along with our relationship with North America’s largest distributor, we have also partnered with notable entities such as Mig Vapor who provides select lines of Limited Edition products like the Rasta

Email: ganjactivist1@ganjactivist.com to request a catalogue or place an order.

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