30 Day Cannabis Challenge

It’s time to get real and it’s time to get real personal. This is a personal challenge I am imposing on myself. It’s really a habit changing exercise and a learning exercise. My health and my mind are out of sync and it’s time to fix that.

Mentally, I feel like I’m in my early thirties, physically, nope. I feel my age or rather I can FEEL my aging… So, over a 30 day period, I’m going to subject myself to a cannabis infused regimen and you’re invited to join me. 

I will infuse cannabis into this regime, whether it’s supplements or pain killers for my constant back pain, I will implement cannabis and cannabis products into my healing process.

I will test and review products and make recommendations. I will also seek out the best ganja strains/ cultivars for life’s demands and my lifestyle.

Join me in showing the world that cannabis is a healer. That it re-regulates the human body and is meant to be a part of our lives at fundamental levels.

I personally do believe that much of human ailments are caused by a deficient endocannabinoid system. I probably wont be able to prove t, but I am pretty damn sure I’ll feel alot better after these 30 days and will likely not return to a way of living that is not conducive to my very wellbeing. 

Cannabis is the healer we’ve been missing all our lives. More to come…

One Love- #IamAGanjactivist

Starting on... November 1st, 2019.

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Cannabis inside the body.

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