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Jamaica’s Premier Cannabis Business Conference and Expo: CanEx- Rollout.

Much like the atmosphere of the event itself, the excitement was palpable at the media launch of the CanEx Business ...
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Jamaica’s Protections of Stakeholders and Consumers

The Island Nation of Jamaica, decriminalized ganja or cannabis in April of 2015, giving way to the establishment of a ...
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Jamaica’s Global Domination

The month of August saw significant growth and developments in the local cannabis industry. Apallon Formularies opened its doors as ...
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Having Your Cake and Eating it Too

With all the calls for the Jamaican government to fully legalize the use of Cannabis and Cannabis products for public ...
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Coming Out From the Shadowy Places

“We have created a new, regulated, safer commodities industry in Canada that employs Canadians, creates jobs, growth and other opportunities ...
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